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Gelsomino Assoluto and Intenso d’Agrumi

Gelsomino Assoluto and Intenso d'Agrumi are inspired
by a love story that blossomed more than a thousand years ago.
A love story between a Queen and a King; the Queen of Italy and the King of Germany.
 It's  about...
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...a young and captivating Adelaide who was married to Lothario II, the King of Italy.
A few years into the marriage the king died, victim of a conspiracy.
The defenceless Queen was imprisoned on the Rocca del Garda and spent her time in isolation surrounded by Jasmine; the scent reminded her of the freedom she had lost and the frivolity of her youth.
Adelaide, with the help of an accomplice, was able to escape and she found refuge and love in the arms of  Otto I, King of Germany.
In fact, the king, who was struck by her sad tale, her bravery and her beauty, avenged her and then married her; he loved her for the rest of his life.
According to legend, he first kissed her under a lemon grove near Lake Garda.
It is in honour of this moving love story that the Acqua del Garda fragrances have been created:
Gelsomino Assoluto and Intenso d'Agrumi...
A love story of over a thousand years...

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